FNMS First Nations Management System


FNMS comes in 3 different editions: Organisation Edition for First Nation Tribal Councils or Corporations, Program Edition for First Nations that only need one or two case management app and finally the Community Edition which encompasses all modules.

Compare Editions

Organisation Edition Program Edition Community Edition
General Ledger tick tick tick
Banking tick tick tick
Account Receivables tick tick tick
Receivables (Gov’t Funding) cross tick tick
Receivables (User Fees) cross tick tick
Receivables (Advances) cross tick tick
Account Payables tick tick tick
Instant messaging tick tick tick
Emails tick tick tick
Calendar tick tick tick
Human Resources
Employee Directory tick tick tick
Payroll tick tick tick
Timesheets tick tick tick
Leave Management tick tick tick
Recruitment Process cross cross tick
Employee Appraisals cross cross tick
Case management
Membership cross * tick
Document Manager cross * tick
Housing cross * tick
Post Secondary cross * tick
Social Services (Coming soon) cross * tick
Social Assistance (Coming soon) cross * tick
Capital Assets (Coming soon) cross * tick

* Program Edition – Choose Case Management wanted

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