FNMS First Nations Management System


About FNMS

The First Nations Management System (FNMS) is a complete suite of accounting, communication and management applications that have been developed specifically for First Nations.

The need for a fully integrated management system for First Nations was the catalyst for the development FNMS. The silo deployment of software in First Nations has created more inefficiency than the time and cost saving measures that the software purported to bring. Data often has to be entered manually from one system to another, thus duplicating the work for the clerks and giving room for errors.

Clement Bernard, the CEO of First Nations Software Solutions Inc (developers of FNMS), was the Director General of the Gesgapegiag First Nation for over 25 years.

Mr. Bernard has experienced this inefficiency first hand. He wanted a system that was robust enough to address issues that he and his staff encountered in the day to day operations of a First Nation and yet flexible enough to easily adjust to the constant changes that the Federal Government was throwing at the First Nation Communities.

No such system existed on the market. Thus FNMS was born.

FNMS is a modular server-client based program that is derived from Odoo.

FNMS is a software service hosted in the cloud.

Each application that is in the FNMS suite can be customized to meet specific needs of the First Nation or complete custom applications can be built and integrated into FNMS.


We believe that management software should be easy to use and require minimal training to use efficiently.


Our mission is to provide a wide range of easy to use business applications that form a complete suite, giving all First Nations easy access to software that will help them run their communities efficiently and effectively.

If you would like more information about FNMS?

Feel free to contact us at 1-855-454-9042